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The Maze Runner - James Dashner

"I know! I'll get stung by a Griever, and it'll hurt REAL BAD BECAUSE EVERYONE ELSE WHO GOT STUNG PRETTY MUCH ALMOST DIED AND IT WAS THE WORST THING EVER but at least I'll have some memories back!"


"Whoa, Tommy, it's only been three days and you're good as new! You don't even hurt right now! The readers don't even have a description of your pain and suffering! Your memories just came back and told us all what to do without a problem! Cool!"


Okay, no.

No thanks.

Don't tell me how much something sucks, how painfully horrifying it is, that it is literally the WORST THING IN THE BOOK, and then say the main character barely has a scratch. Barely felt a thing when it happened. Thomas is already special enough, don't you think? He doesn't need this on top of it all.


kjshgajkfadgjfhsrkgnsg. It was doing so much betterrrrrrrrr.