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Dollhouse - Anya Allyn

Well, I'm back at home for the holidays! The next month will be nothing but relaxing and spending time with my family--which I'm very much looking forward to.


I finally get to get back to this book! It's interesting in a very weird way. There was very little exposition or explanation for most of the story--Aisha getting lost, why the police suspect Ethan most, what this dollhouse is. It's leaving me confused, and not in the way you'd want to be in a book like this. Plus, I find it odd and slightly off-putting that the author seems to be using character dialogue to explain how to pronounce names to us--it made sense for the five-year-old to exaggerate syllables sometimes, but when the main character, Cassie, did it--well, that was strange. Leave it to the reader to figure out how things are pronounced--we're smart enough to Google if we need to.


On the plus side, there are some lines here and there that I just love. The phrases "sawing terror," "my heart glitched in my chest," and "My heart was a fist hammering against my ribs"--they evoke very clear images and feelings in me, and I think that's really promising. Allyn seems to be a writer at heart with lines like that, so I hope it shows up in the way the story itself is executed.