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Brave New World - Aldous Huxley

This certainly isn't what I was expecting, though I'm glad I'm finally reading it. I think I'll actually like it! (Which is something I desperately need--I've given ONE five-star review this entire year. That's pathetic. My top ten list will be so depressing to look at.)


The callous way the incubation and conditioning of the children is described adds dramatically to the way I see the characters and the story. I suspect Huxley meant it that way, because I find myself even more repulsed by the Community and their decision regarding childrearing and creating. I'm excited to see where this goes and where the resolution takes place.


I remember reading 1984 and being so disappointed by the execution--it had political ideas I could ponder over, but it failed as a story. I sincerely hope Brave New World is all the things I wish 1984 had been, and more--not only because I need to read one more good book before the year is over, but because I need to believe this is a classic for a reason. Things are looking good!