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East of Eden - John Steinbeck

All the stories we were told in the beginning are starting to come together!


Cathy's character is freaky. Anyone who could set fire to her home and parents, and not feel a thing about it... That's messed up. But I guess you can always count on Steinbeck to have some seriously insane characters and still make the story likable.


I feel terrible for poor Adam, though; he's not perfect, but he deserves better than his jerk brother and stupid wife. I don't want to see him get used by Cathy the same way Mr. Edwards was (although that son of a gun deserved it), and I have no idea where this story will take me in the long run.


The good news is that I still really like it! I'm feeling at least four stars right now, which is better than I can say for any book I've read in awhile!