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The Unwritten Rule - Elizabeth Scott

I ordered this from Amazon from my "to read ASAP" list because a used copy was on sale for about $3. I'm waiting for my copy of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to get here, so I wanted to read something in the same genre I've been in lately, but also kind of short so I could finish it by the time my book got here.


So I read this yesterday and today, and I'm pretty disappointed. I mean, the narration, for what's supposed to be a seventeen-year-old girl was so...juvenile. It had that stream of consciousness "this is how I feel as I feel it" vibe, and I kind of hate that. So Sarah just came across as young, immature, and somewhat incompetent for most of the novel. I can relate to her having a gorgeous, "every guy wants her and never you" sort of thing (although my prettier best friends have never been as cruel as Brianna is to Sarah, and for that I'm grateful), and some of her descriptions of Ryan were realistic in the feeling they conveyed. I also gave it some points for the positive ending, where, yeah, she gets Ryan, but it's about her moving on from someone as destructive as Brianna. Knowing that sometimes you can't save everyone, and even the people you've loved for years aren't the best for you and you have to let go. That's a lesson I had to learn when I was seventeen, too, and I'm grateful for it.


So, eh, it was a two star read, but certainly not something I'd recommend. I appreciated that it focused on the friendship quite a bit, but the majority of the novel was "RYAN RYAN OMG RYAN HE MAKES ME FEEEEEL THINGS RYAN RYAN RYAN."