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New Moon (Twilight Saga, Book 2)

New Moon - Stephenie Meyer Don’t look so shocked! New Moon is nearly the most universally hated book of all time, even among Twilight lovers. Mainly because Bella is criticized a whole lot in this book for her behavior over certain events and her reactions to the things that happen to her. I looked very carefully at Bella’s character all through reading this and I was surprised by what I found–Bella acted like a grown up. And, for the first time, I understood her better than I’ve understood any character ever, on a very personal level. I knew her feelings and why she thought the things she did and why she did the things she did. And, on top of that, I really enjoyed all the characters (not just some of them), and I had fun getting to know them and learning about them, watching them grow. I enjoyed myself, and I connected to Bella on a personal level, even though it was sometimes hard and painful to watch and experience through her shoes. And, as an emotional reader, I appreciated that. I think Meyer actually did a really good job on this book, and I wish I could see how people hate this book so much. I wasn’t expecting to like it when I reread it, but…I did. I surprised myself by liking it more than Twilight. I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I started this, but…I’m pleasantly surprised.Read more?