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Once We Were: The Hybrid Chronicles, Book 2

Once We Were - Kat Zhang So, I just about peed myself when I won an ARC of this from Ms. Zhang herself. I’ve been craving this book ever since I finished What’s Left of Me, and that was before the first book had even been released. So when I got this in the mail, I considered taking a weepy picture of myself staining this book’s cover with my tears of joy, but since I’ve managed to maintain a held-together-ish aura on my blog, I decided against it, hahah.You can guess from the rating that I did like What’s Left of Me better. This book was obviously a filler book, building up the revolution of the hybrids into what will be the third book’s climax. I always feel bad for the middle book in a trilogy, because its only purpose only seems to be building the bridge between exposition and climax, but I guess that’s the woe of trilogies. The second book is just never as exciting as the first or third, so I can’t say I’m surprised it ended up that way with this book. While Zhang’s writing is still gorgeous and flawless and beautiful, and I loved the characterization and the world-building, the plot just moved a tad too slowly for my taste. Although I did manage to shed a few tears near the end, it took a whopping two hundred and fifty-eight pages before I felt engaged enough in the plot to sit down and read for long periods of time. I devoured the last hundred pages, but before that, it was rather slow going. Considering I’d been reading about a book a day since the summer began, the fact that the book I’ve been waiting a year for is the one that has taken the most time to read since summer vacation began says a lot to me. But I’m still a huge fan of this series, and it’s still one of the best series’ I’ve ever read. I love the world and its characters, and Zhang really has a magnificent way with words. I only wish the plot had picked up a lot sooner!Read more?