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The White Glove War (Magnolia League, #2)

The White Glove War (Magnolia League, #2) - Katie Crouch,  Grady Hendrix Well, it wasn’t as terrible as its predecessor–I can give it that much. I received this ARC from my supervisor at the library, and although I hated the first book in this series, I had nothing to lose in reading the second one. (Except maybe six or so hours of my time, that is.) Like I said–it wasn’t as horrendous as The Magnolia League was, and miles less offending in its stereotypes and holier-than-thou personality, but based on this book, I would not tell you to read the series. It was still disappointing (even though I wasn’t expecting much to begin with), and unenjoyable. I read this often with my sister-in-law present, who is visiting us right now, and every time I groaned, moaned, or rolled my eyes, she would demand why I didn’t just quit the book. Sometimes books get better at the end!Unfortunately, that doesn’t apply here.Read more?