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How I Lost You

How I Lost You - Janet Gurtler I’m not going to lie. I read the original, vague summary of this book when it was first put on GoodReads (which, I actually posted in a challenge, and because I feel it’s relevant to my opinion of the book, it read: “About two girls who have been best friends forever coming to terms with a change in their relationship and learning when it’s best to hold on and when it’s best to let go.”), and I nearly burst into tears. It really described the place I was in at the time–holding onto a best friend who wasn’t holding onto me, and I was both thrilled and excited for it to come out. As the release date drew nearer and nearer, I tried to see about getting an ARC of it. However, I totally lucked out. I’m co-president of my book club at school, and our librarian recently got a TON of ARCs and let us take some home. This gem was among them!I started it immediately. Honestly, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I was rolling my eyes in the first couple pages–seriously, female paintballers screamed, “Love me, I’m cool!” to me, and “Kya, you DA QUEEN” on page two really put me off as well. I was ready to be disappointed. However, the farther I got in the book (irritated as I was sometimes), I realized it was still the emotional journey I was looking for–just in a much different way than I thought it would be. It described to me another relationship I’ve been in, and struck me in personal ways that I can’t begin to describe. It wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, and it wasn’t perfect, but it was still powerful and moving. I’d wholly recommend it.A copy of this ARC was provided by the librarian at my school, and has nothing to do with the publishing company.Read more?