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The Help (Movie Tie-In)

The Help - Kathryn Stockett Wow. That is really all I can say.My mom and I decided to read this book together once we started seeing trailers and posters for it at our local movie theatre. A month or so prior, one of my church leaders had recommended it to me as a good read, but I set it on my back burner, until my mom showed an interest in seeing the movie, in which case I said I needed to read the book first, and she agreed to do so with me. My mom doesn’t read much for fun; she’s pretty busy at all times, working and then coming home and cleaning and the only thing she really does for fun is watch “Jeopardy”. So I was really happy when she said she’d read it with me, and believe it or not, she finished before I did! We shared one copy of the book, so it took a little longer to read than it probably normally would have taken either of us, but I’m glad it was a little drawn out.This book was superb. It has a great story with great characters, compiled together by a great writer. My mom was born in the sixties and it was kind of stunning for us both to wonder, if she hadn’t been born in California and instead somewhere like Mississippi, my mom could have had a black maid working for her family. All that racism feels like it was so long ago, and yet it’s in our not-too-distant past. The Help really brought that into focus.Read more?