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Edenbrooke - Julianne Donaldson I had the highest of high expectations for this book. From the 4.47 average rating on GoodReads to the fact that nearly every clean blog/reviewer I follow that has read this book has loved it, nothing would have led me to believe that this book would be anything less than perfect–near perfect, at the least. So, needless to say, when I won an ARC of it after its release, I was majorly excited. However, this was hugely disappointing–if you followed my status updates on GoodReads, you could see how obviously I ended up disliking this. From page one, I knew it would be work to get through, because the writing was just poor. It was very tell-don’t-show, and the main character, Marianne, would state the most obvious things, and never implied anything. You always knew exactly what was going on, and took all the fun out of getting to know the characters and the story. Maybe I was so disappointed because I had such high expectations, but honestly, nothing can explain to me how something like this got such perfect ratings, especially from reviewers whose opinions I tend to agree with wholeheartedly.Read more?