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Where She Went

Where She Went  - Gayle Forman Why did I even read this? I know I really disliked the first book, but I didn’t exactly hate it. And everyone who read this book who I talked to, everyone told me this was better. This was better?From the first page, I was groaning. Again, everyone told me that Adam was amazing in this book, and that I would probably be sobbing my way through this book. But I was sorely disappointed–Adam, I found to be incredibly whiny and self-centered. All he did was moan and groan and complain about his rock star lifestyle and be a nasty jerk to anyone who talked to him, no matter how little they deserved it. Mia was even worse–she was cruel, selfish, and expected everyone to love her regardless of the crappy way she treated them. It made me sick to see them “reconnect” in this book, because everything about it was just so unfair; unfair and cruel. Where I once might have been like, “Yeah, I didn’t like it, but oh well,” instead I’m wishing I just had never read it, spared myself all the angry feelings it gave me. The farther in it I got, the angrier I was over it, until I slammed the books shut at its ending and had to explain to my mom why I had this angry scowl on my face.She also made me promise not to read any terrible books for awhile, hahah.Read more?