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I'm Thalia! I run a book blog called Pictures in the Words and I hope to be an editor for YA fiction. I'm a GoodReads refugee!



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The Children of Húrin
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Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice - I’d always loved the Pride and Prejudice movie; the one from 2005 (I’ve never seen the really long one). I automatically fell in love with the story, just because I’m such a romantic and found everything about the characters and story so incredibly sweet. Finally, I dragged myself to Borders and forced myself (slash my mother, because I’m broke, hahah) to finally buy the book. I was not disappointed. I love old-fashioned stories, with old-fashioned language and learning about how they did things way back then. It’s entertaining on all levels! Mrs. Bennet, though, could drive any sane person crazy, but she’s leveled out by Mr. Bennet and her two sensible daughters, Elizabeth and Jane.Read more on my blog!