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Thirteen Reasons Why

Thirteen Reasons Why - Jay Asher Wow. Wow. I was not disappointed by this book. I finally picked it up because, despite having owned it for some eight months now, it’s my library’s book club book, and volunteering there every week, my supervisor begged me to come for a meeting. So I finally had an excuse to read this book everyone had been calling a masterpiece. And they were right. It was amazing, and took my breath away. Asher writes the narrative beautifully, and I loved how it “alternated” points of view while keeping the narratives together.Having lost a classmate and friend to suicide barely two months ago, this book took on a different meaning for me than it would have had I read it before the beginning of March. The entire book, I kept hearing my friend’s voice in my head, reading Hannah’s tapes, wondering what would I do if I were Clay. Already having lost her the one time, having that be painful enough, then having to hear her voice all over again and know it’s too late to save her? It was a one-sitting read, and it was hard to see, from an outside perspective, the exact same thing I’ve experienced in the last two months. Painful, but beautiful. I applaud you, Asher.Read more?