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The Summer Before I Met You (The Lynburn Legacy, #0.5) - Sarah Rees Brennan As with the last review, there also isn’t much to say, and I’ll be foregoing the “What I Liked/What I Didn’t Like” and “Overall” sections of this review.The Summer Before I Met You is the second prequel to Outspoken and set in a different place and with different characters than The Spring Before I Met You. Here, we were introduced to Kami, the main character of Outspoken (who is also the “imaginary friend” of Jared). However, I liked this much less than its predecessor–the bizarre took on an entirely new level, and maybe I just need to be in the heads of the main characters instead of weird bystanders (or…who I’m assuming to be bystanders, as they aren’t mentioned in the synopsis of Outspoken).Angela and Kami were not likable characters. Angela was as loving as a rock, and was completely rude to her best friend (and everyone else). I picture the meanest, rudest person I know and it doesn’t even come close to what a jerk Angela is. Kami is just…strange. I don’t understand her, but I suppose I just need to read the book to figure her out. But still, I simply could not follow the logic of this short story. One second they’re teaching kids how to play cricket, and the next they’re jumping a thief in the convenience store? It was so disconnected that I could barely follow what was happening, and it was an unpleasant place to be, in not understanding the story.Perhaps it will make more sense when I read the full book, but this wasn’t a good precursor to it–it didn’t make me want to read Outspoken or learn more about the characters. I wouldn’t recommend reading it before the book, because you’ll probably just end up as confused as I am.Read more?