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11:15 The Making of a Halfling (Halflings, #0.5) - Heather Burch This is a short story prequel, so I won’t be writing a full review for it.I know I’ve been reading a lot of prequels lately. Despite the popular belief that I’m just trying to get ahead on my GoodReads reading challenge (which, okay, might be kind of true), I’ve been picking shorter books/stories so that I can be ready to read a certain book right when it comes in the mail (and I don’t know when it will get here). I wasn’t planning on reading anymore prequels, but I found myself at a long babysitting gig, in which I finished the book I was currently on and hadn’t brought another one. So I scoured my Kindle app for something that would tide me over and stumbled onto this. I actually own (or won, or something, since I definitely don’t remember buying this book) the first book in this series, so I thought I may as well read the prequel.I don’t want to be mean or anything, but I was trying really hard not to laugh. But, while the writing was alright and I’m sure if I had been in a different mood, I would have found everything less funny, the names got to me first. Mace. The main character’s name is Mace. And that’s not even the worst! The other Halflings were named Raven and Vine. Vine! Will, the “real” angel, was the only one with a real name. But I didn’t start this with the realization that there would be random excerpts of the graphic novel for this prequel (or maybe they just decided to draw a few panels just for kicks?), and I was…well, the baby I was watching kept giving me this weird look, wondering what was so funny. While it has nothing to do with the writing itself, I know, if you’re going to include something like that with your book, you should be prepared for people to judge the book itself based partly on the artwork. And the artwork…it was more than laughable. And I feel really bad saying that, because I do know it’s way better than anything I could possibly draw, but…well, I’m not an artist.And the story. Oh dear. From the moment that Will said nobody had ever turned as young as fifteen, I immediately knew that Vine was going to turn. It was all dramatic and unnecessary and ridiculous and predictable–there was absolutely nothing exciting about anything in this prequel. The world wasn’t set up very well, and if the rest of the series is going to be as predictable and simple as this prequel, then…there might not be much of a point in reading it. I have hopes–but they’re not all that high. Which I guess is good, considering that I probably won this.Anyway, it’s late and I have to get up early. This prequel…I guess you should read it if you plan on reading Halflings. But I’m not sure I would recommend Halflings based on this prequel. It just feels like weird fanfiction at this point. There wasn’t anything really likeable about it. (And I forgot to mention an instance of referencing “there house”–I don’t care what kind of publishing you have–if you’re a writer, that shouldn’t even be a mistake you make in the first place, and I’m not sure that’s something I could forgive easily–“their house”, obviously.)So…there you go.See it on my blog?