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A Walk to Remember - Nicholas Sparks I kept jumping between three and four stars on this before I finally settled on the four. This wasn’t anything like I expected it to be; I was determined to wait on seeing the movie before I read the book, but about a year ago, my sister-in-law had her way with me and we finally watched it together. I loved it, so unfortunately, my image of the movie was a little tainted going in, by what I knew about the film. The two are completely different stories with the same basic plot line. However much I loved the movie, this book was special in its own way. I wasn’t very captured by Landon’s narrative, as he wasn’t the most emotional of narrators, and you felt like he was relaying a flashback, rather than living in the story–but the ending had me so held in its grip, and the tears were streaming down my face, and I knew that I loved the book. A book that makes me react that way doesn’t deserve a “just okay” rating.Read more?