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Halo - Alexandra Adornetto Despite the rating, I didn’t entirely hate this book until about four hundred pages into it. Yes, it was long and unnecessary, with far too many details and intimate descriptions; yes, I found a lot of parts to be completely ridiculous, but it was tolerable. In fact, I found myself laughing a lot of the craziness in here and the lack of structure, so at least I was enjoying it on some level. However, this book struck a chord with me when Adornetto presented a very serious issue with such complete lack of regard and emotion, that I was left shaking with how angry I was; angry and upset. For that alone, I wish I could have given it no stars at all, because it doesn’t deserve even that.Other than that, the writing was amateur and reminded me of sixth and seventh grading English classes; the characters were lackluster and dim, and finally, the plot took four hundred pages to finally introduce itself, and left no room for a proper climax and resolution.Read more?