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The Crucible - Arthur Miller, Christopher Bigsby I didn’t expect to like this as much as I did. I’m not a huge fan of reading plays, as I’d rather see them performed than just try to grasp each character through nothing but dialogue and stage directions. However, I found myself drawn to the characters and their situations. Years of United States history classes have made me curious about the Salem Witch Trials, and whenever we discuss this time period, I always feel sick at the way people were treated back then. Once one was declared a witch, there was no way to prove innocence–especially with the drowning technique. Float, and live, only to prove you’re a witch, or let yourself drown and commit what you believed was the unholy sin of suicide? Either way, you believed God would condemn you. Here, it was much the same situation. Plead guilty and be saved, knowing you’d lied to save yourself; or do you say nothing at all and let them hang you as a witch? It’s just…so upsetting, and even more so knowing this is more than just a piece of fiction. This is part of history, and it’s stunning how ugly history can be. Miller executed this near perfectly, and I admire the honesty–the brutal injustice, no matter how un-sugar coated it is.Read more?