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Beauty and the Bully - Andy Behrens So…this isn’t exactly “quality” literature. I don’t even remember when I bought this–all I know is that the guy on the cover reminded me of my favorite character from this cartoon, Three Delivery, that was on Nicktoons Network for literally one season. And that character played guitar, and the guy on the book is wearing basically the exact same outfit, and the whole time I first read this, my friend and I were making character parallels to everyone in the show. So, three years ago, it was pretty entertaining.I’m not sure when, but my best friend also borrowed this from me and read it. And she and I have a lot of fond memories and jokes from it. But I never reviewed it for my blog, and part of me was afraid that I would think it was silly or dumb. But I was dead wrong. This thing is just a frickin’ funny as I remember it being when I was a freshman in high school. Yeah, the jokes are lame, the dialogue is a little wacky, and Duncan’s inner mind theatre isn’t exactly a literary masterpiece. But I loved reading this book–I love the jokes, I love the awkward dialogue, and I love the funny plot. It’s a great summer read, and it’s really sentimental for me, too. I guess my only disclaimer is, if you read it and think it’s trash, don’t judge me? (:Read more?