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Coffeehouse Angel - Suzanne Selfors Be forewarned that this book has absolutely no substance whatsoever. What little plot there is, is kind of lame; it’s girly and corny; its climax is basically terrible; and you might want to shoot something once you’re done. But I must admit, this week has been pretty stressful for me. The morning we left for California, I got terrible news about a friend, and the whole trip was pretty depressing. I purposefully took cheesy books with me so I wouldn’t have to really think about anything. So, in that regard, this book was exactly what I needed. It wasn’t everything I hoped it would be, but it took my mind off things and provided a corny and fluffy escape from real life. It’s practically the definition of a chick-lit “summer” book, and I’d recommend picking it up if you feel like escaping for awhile! The writing was decent, and while I could in no way give this five stars and call it perfect, it was surprisingly well written and enjoyable.Read more?