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The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks I’ve never read nor seen The Notebook before. I do know, however, that it’s supposed to be some epitome of chick flicks/lit, and I expected a lot out of it. Maybe not from the writing itself, because Nicholas Sparks and I kind of have a rough relationship. My ratings for him are all over the map, and I honestly never know how I’m going to like one of his books. I’ve never absolutely hated them and I’ve never absolutely loved them. Which is probably why I decided to take a Nicholas Sparks challenge this year, reading one or two of his books a month.This one, though…I disliked this one the most so far. I couldn’t stand Allie and Noah together or as singular characters (except Noah on occasions). I didn’t really care about the plot, and I definitely didn’t care about Allie and Noah’s long ago, passionate romance. I didn’t enjoy what I was reading until maybe the last twenty pages, and that’s definitely not a sign of a good book. I could have skipped it and not been any worse off. The good news is that now I have no qualms about watching the movie because I have officially read the book.Read more?