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Divergent  - Veronica Roth I know this is an incredibly popular book, which is why I refused to have any expectations for it at all. There are plenty of books I’ve been excited about, heard nothing but great things about, been thrilled to read, only to be majorly disappointed by the time I’m finished. The disappointment isn’t so bad when you don’t let yourself expect something fantastic, right? So I went into this book with that mindset.I’m pleased to say that I wasn't disappointed. I definitely wouldn’t call this one of the greatest books of our time, because honestly, it was pretty average all the way through. I gave it four stars because I wasn’t able to put it down–I wanted to keep reading, all the time. I would sit down at a table somewhere quiet and just devour every page. The pacing was excellent; not too much time spent on unimportant scenes, but enough details to make it feel like real life. But that’s the only reason I gave it more than three; everything about it was just…ordinary. I wasn’t blown away by the writing, although it was good–the present tense bothered me to death as always. The plot was plain, everything that was to be expected by a dystopian that seemed a combination between The Giver and City of Ember. Just…average.Read more?