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Emma - Jillian Tamaki, Jane Austen Hm. What does one say about Emma, other than it was boring, unimpressive, and downright lame? I think that just about sums up all my feelings about this wretched book. I’ve only read two books by Jane Austen, and one I love while this one I really could have done without–I spent weeks reading this, and I can’t even remember the last time it took me so long to get through a book that short! I rejoiced when I discovered my copy was eight pages shorter than I expected, because it had taken me hours to get through just fifty pages at one time. Honestly, I should have quit long ago, but for some ridiculous reason I kept pushing through it. It wasn’t until maybe two hundred and fifty pages in that things got at least a little bit interesting, although it wasn’t much of an improvement. This book was, literally, boring, selfish people talking about other boring, selfish people. It didn’t hold my interest at all, and it was only my sheer compulsive nature about finishing books that allowed me to get to the end of this one.Read more? August 24th until September 13th. That's just depressing.