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Secrets - Tim Mettey To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of this book before I was offered a review copy from the publisher. The summary was vague enough to keep me guessing as to what kind of story this would be, and as it wasn’t added to GoodReads until little while ago, I couldn’t begin to guess whether I would like it or not.From page one, this book struck me as much better suited for children or middle school aged kids; definitely not quite young adult. Although the main character is a sophomore in high school, I think middle grade kids would enjoy this much more than I did, as a senior in high school–the writing was choppy and the details were so packed in there that was amateur in nature; there were clichés littered throughout the book, topped off with a really, really cheesy romance. The story was interesting enough, but it was the writing–lack of contractions, overuse of names to a point where dialogue didn’t feel natural, and total clichés–that really got to me. However, I think it would be perfect for kids getting into longer fiction, and with a little tweaking in the writing and improvement, could definitely better suit the young adult genre.An ARC of this book was provided for review by the publisher.Read more? I've changed my rating to just one star, because even though I think it will be better suited towards middle grade kids, this better reflects my personal enjoyment of the novel.