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Amelia Anne is Dead and Gone - Kat Rosenfield I feel as though I have had nothing but disappointments from the books I expect the most of. I understand that, of the people who have had the opportunity to read this book already, I am among a minority who disliked it. However, it reminded me too much of the reasons I disliked The Lovely Bones, so chances are, if you liked that book, you’ll enjoy this one; and vice versa, of course. I was expecting a lot of this book, because I’ve heard so much about it in these last few months before its release, and I’ll admit, I fell for the pretty cover. But, this is one that I would recommend, immediately, anybody stayed far away from. Some of the images in this book stayed with me, in a way that I hated and made me too uncomfortable for my liking. There were few reasons I enjoyed this book, and the overwhelming majority of things in it made me uneasy and disgusted with what I was reading. It sounds harsh, but it’s my job here to be honest. Read more?