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Fahrenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Well, at first, I was skeptical. The beginning, admittedly, was a little bit scary. The first page and a half shows you the disturbed future Bradbury has conjured. I didn’t like it at all. It was strange and weird and unfamiliar; the reader is given no information regarding the whole the story is set in. The back cover or summary doesn’t tell you anything like, “It’s this year and books are banned. The society is futuristic and…” It felt like diving into the middle of the ocean with no knowledge of how to swim! It did make more sense as the book wore on; it was one of those you’ve got to trek through it sort of books where you need to keep reading if you want to make any sense of it. Regardless of recommendation, if you chose to read this book, I strongly recommend buying the 50th Anniversary edition, which includes several interviews with Bradbury; reading these definitely helped make more sense of the book and the characters; I’m not sure I would have understood it entirely had it not been getting to read some of the author’s own words outside the story.Read more at my blog! Pictures in the Words.