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4 to 16 Characters - Kelly Hourihan

Yes, yes, YES!!!!!


This book is amazing! I'm actually laughing out loud--the whole encounter Jane had with messing with Jason in chat (when she was pretending to be Heather the Cheerleader) made me laugh so hard that I thought I was going to wake up the kid I nanny. Her comments in between their chats were just so realistic and funny, and I'm like, GASPING for breath half the time. 


I relate so well to what Jane is going through, and while I think she's kind of a brat sometimes (and takes it out on poor Gary every single time--which I think is pretty rude), the whole idea of feeling more confident online than you do IRL, and even the truth or dare chat with Audra about writing a twenty-minute Twilight guyslash crossover songfic and having to post it online--I was dying. Because I definitely had truth or dare battles with my best friend with these EXACT SAME sort of dares. 


And the way Jane's life goes in all sorts of crazy circles, from elation to hardcore anger reflects the average teenager's "diary" entries so well. Jane doesn't write on her diarynow account every day, and she only seems to do so when she's either super pissed off or extremely happy--and isn't that when any of us find the time to write in our journals? (; 


I'm rambling now, but I'm enjoying this book so much, and I'm stoked for it to come out so more people can read it. I think a lot of people are going to be able to relate to it, and books that deal with characters who write fanfiction and have online "personalities" (some more real than others) and making friends with those people and being part of a community that nobody IRL would probably understand--this is such a great book. Anyone who even understands the concept of "fandom" should definitely read it.