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Day 12: A Book You Love and Hate at the Same Time

Spell Bound  - Rachel Hawkins The Phantom of the Opera - Gaston Leroux, Jann Matlock, Mireille Ribiere

Ooh, this is tough. Really, reeeeally tough. I gave Spell Bound four stars and Phantom five, so obviously, I loved these books more than I hated them. But they each had things that bothered me, or made me angry, or want to throw them across the room. 


Spell Bound: Huge daddy spoilers; do not read if you have not read the entire series.

So, I was a Cal fangirl throughout this entire series. I shipped Cal/Sophie from book one, even though Cal was in like, three scenes in the entire book and rarely even talked to Sophie. And then we found out that he was betrothed to her in Demonglass and seuryvseubrsyejcbrhyj. All the healing and awkward flirting, and Lara being like, "Oh yeah, Cal here turned down the best job EVER to travel the world and stuff because he found out you were going to be at HH" and I JUST DIED OKAY and then he healed Archer even though he hated Archer because Sophie asked him to and then he ran back into a friggin' burning building to save Sophie's dad, boyfriend, and best friend. The guy is amazing. And Spell Bound had the potential to make all my shipper dreams come true, because when the group goes to Hell and it shows them all nasty visions--the worst things have happened/could possibly happen to them, and we see everyone's vision but Cal's--but Sophie hears herself screaming in his vision and he won't tell her what he saw and then-------DEEP BREATHS, THALIA. I loved this book for all of that. I loved it for building the characters. And, in a weird way, I loved it because Cal jumped in after her and pushed her out and died for her because losing her was the worst possible thing that could ever happen to him. I mean, give a shipper a plot like that for their OTP and they will scream-cry for the rest of their lives. But I hated this book because it killed Cal, because Sophie was too much an idiot to see that he loved her, and because nobody mourned Cal even a little. They're all just like, "Aww, now he's a little ghostly groundskeeper and he can take care of HH forevah, awwww, that's so adorbs, yay Cal!" and that really pisses me off. Cal died the most friggin' heroic death I have ever encountered in a YA novel and nobody even cares. And that just really wasn't okay with me.

(show spoiler)


The Phantom of the Opera: Obviously, I love the book. I saw the play when I was five and I've essentially been obsessed ever since. When the movie came out when I was ten, I convinced all four of my family members to take me to see it in theatres--so I ended up seeing it four times. I've always loved the play, and when I first read the book in the fifth grade, I knew going in that it would probably be different. And while I think I love the musical more than the original story, this book still has its merits (obviously). And I love it because it has gorgeous writing and an amazing story, but I hate it because...well, because Raoul. I mean, I already ship Phantom/Christine like there's no tomorrow, but at least I kind of like Raoul--I just want him to find another girl (like Meg--I also ship Raoul/Meg--WHICH ALMOST HAPPENED IN LOVE NEVER DIES, BUT THAT'S A STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME). But book!Raoul is just...ARG. He drives me crazy. He's such a whiny brat, and he's constantly like, 'oooohhh Christine, I just love you so much I'd do anything for you' and then three seconds later, he'll be like, 'CURSE YOU CHRISTINE, BURN IN HELL FOR ALL I CARE YOU DECEITFUL WITCH' and so on and so forth for the entire book. He's the most irritating main character I think I've ever encountered. And I just despise him in the book.