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Fallen From Grace (Review)

Fallen from Grace (Dark Mirror 0.5) - Mary Jo Putney

Note: As this is a prequel, I will not be writing a full review. 


I decided to read this, as I have several novellas on my iPad that I should get through--since I was in a break in between books, I decided to just knock this out of the way.


It was kind of...odd. I liked the diary style, and I loved the loop around of first and last lines. It felt really choppy, though, and there were several errors in the writing--for instance, Allarde (the main character) saves this other kid from a beating. He introduces the kid as Blakely Minor--so, of course, I think his name is Blakely. However, later (on the same page), he calls him Blakesley, and I'm wondering which one is the typo. (Although considering they were a paragraph apart, someone out there in the editing process should have caught that. I mean, really?)


Plus, this is set in 1801 and when describing another student, Allarde says, "Lady Cynthia Stanton is a real stunner." Mm, kind of out of the time period there, aren't we?


I'm interested in seeing what the official first book has to offer, but this didn't feel totally polished.