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Picture Me - Lori Weber

So, of course when I go babysitting last night, I have like, three percent left in The Wild. And of course when I finish, I realize that I forgot my next book, The Last Song, at home. So I have to pick something off my ereader, and it might as well be something I have to read. So I chose the shortest one off my to-read-asap list.


And, well, here we are. And I'm almost done after one day, so yay!


Anyway, I'm enjoying this a bit more than I thought I would. I'm not really a fan of the writing itself, and I'd like a little more about what goes through Chelsea's head when she's actually bullying Krista or Tessa, instead of a reflection of afterward. Maybe that's supposed to be artistic, like it doesn't seem like an important event to her, so we don't see it in her narration. Maybe it's just lazy writing. *shrug*


But I really relate with Krista. I've never been bullied because of my weight, but I have been overweight all through school. I understand what she's feeling about just needing it to go away, no matter what and no matter how much it hurts. Because the numbers on the scale define you more than anything else possibly can. So that's a plus, at least for me. I'm interested in seeing how this plays out. Still not sure where Tessa fits in exactly, but...maybe we're still getting there?