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The Lucky One - Nicholas Sparks

Ah, the standard Nicholas Sparks novel.


Army guy: check

Naturally beautiful woman who knows when guys (even married ones!) turn to stare at her: check

Single parent with a son: check

The son is a sweetheart and "not like other kids": check

Crazy ex-somebody or other: check

Woman raised by grandmother because her parents died in a car accident: check

Character followed secret clues to find other character and won't tell them about it: check


"he wasn't like other guys she'd dated": check

Homemade dinner first date: check

Someone is divorced: check

"LOL friend-character, there aren't many single guys my age, that's why I don't date": check


The predictability, mmm. Now all we need is sex-after-lansagna and we're pretty much set.

(Despite all that, I am enjoying this one more than other Sparks novels, but maybe that's just because Zac Efron.)