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My Life Undecided (Review)

My Life Undecided - Jessica Brody

I’ve been hoarding a lot of Jessica Brody books for awhile now, and after having the chance to meet her at a book signing, I decided that I really should hunker down and actually read some of them. This is the first book I got of hers, and I’m happy to say that I genuinely enjoyed it! Sometimes you just need to read a lighthearted, fun sort of story with an energetic and witty narrator. Brooklyn Pierce definitely delivered on that front! I could laugh out loud and I was really interested in seeing where her blog readers would take her. I kind of wish that her blog had been incorporated more into the story—as it is, very few poll results were shown and Brooklyn didn’t seem to write very many blog entries. I felt like the blog itself was kind of a sub-plot, a little unrelated to what was really going on. (Which, of course, was disappointing, since I felt like that was supposed to be the entire focus/point of the book.) However, I thought this was a good read overall, though not perfect, and I would definitely recommend it. (Especially as a summertime or winter-blues book!)


What I Liked: Spoilers!

  • As I mentioned already, Brooklyn was an amazing narrator. I loved the voice throughout this entire book, and she was a peach to get to know. I think it’s easy, when first reading this summary, to think that it would be kind of silly for a teenager to actually open a blog and let readers decide what she does in her life. However, Brooklyn makes it pretty clear that she manages to screw up quite a bit! She even goes against the wishes of her readers once, and ends up in a hostage situation for several hours. It’s easy to believe why Brooklyn feels like she needs other people to make decisions for her—and she’s got smart readers! Brooklyn, of course, thinks they’re all crazy because they make choice opposite of what she would do—which, I think, is kind of the point (though I’m not sure Brooklyn realized it). But she was funny about it and followed through on her commitment to the blog—it really was an enjoyable journey.


  • Going along with that a little bit, I was pleased to discover that Jessica Brody can write! I’m always kind of scared when I meet an author whose books I haven’t read—I’m a little terrified that, when they’re really nice and cool, I’ll eventually find that they’re terrible writers or something. And believe me, I would still lay out my honest opinion either way. However, it makes me infinitely happier to meet an author and then discover that they really are good at what they do! Brody has a fresh and happy-go-lucky voice, at least in this novel. I loved the way the story was written and how it progressed. Everything was done really, really well.


What I Didn’t Like:

  • For me, the blog just didn’t contribute enough to the story. There were a few revealed poll results and some entries written by Brooklyn, but sometimes she would just glaze over what her readers wanted her to do, or not talk about the blog at all. It was just a side plot, a little something that happened, and…I wanted more. I felt like it was too in the background and didn’t bring much to the plot as a whole. I wanted there to be more, and because it was supposed to be the whole focus of the book, I couldn’t bring myself to really fall in love with it all when this was missing.


Overall: Despite its one, slightly-glaring flaw, this was a really great book. It’s a perfect pick-me-up and it really delivers in terms of humor and lightheartedness. Brody is an excellent writer and Brooklyn will really draw you in as a main character. I definitely recommend this, probably for ages twelve and up. Happy reading!