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Anyone Willing to Do a Guest Post?

Hello, internet friends!


So, recently someone contacted me on my blog to ask if they could submit a post about their book series. The book series is about three queer girls with superpowers, I think, and the third book is about to come out. Normally, I would just have them do a summary/whatever in the ask box and then post it and let that stand for a promo, but I'm not sure my readership is a very good target audience for the series (since I'm Mormon and I know a lot of my actual blog followers also have really conservative views). I don't want to outright tell them no, since there are probably tons of other people out there who would think it would be a good read, but my followers just...for the most part, aren't.


So, that's what this post is for! Does anyone have a blog and would be willing to let me direct this author (she's only nineteen, according to her page, so take it for what you will) to you to do a guest post or something about their book series? For me, I feel like if I did it, it would be like doing a guest post for an entire genre that I don't read or promote (like, "Hey, check out this steamy NA book; it'll curl your toes!" or something), and that it wouldn't really help the author in any way. 


Yep, that's where we are. Please let me know if you would be willing to let her do a quick whatever and post it to your blog. She doesn't follow me, so I don't think she has her heart set on *my* blog doing a promotion for any reason. Let me know!