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Blue Gold - Elizabeth Stewart

I'm mostly enjoying it, but there's just something about it that prevents me from being totally immersed. I think it's the switching viewpoints and dialogues, but I can't exactly put my finger on it.


Also, the description of this book is sorely misleading in telling us that there are three characters that we care about. I'm already this far and we've been in Fiona's shoes exactly twice, and the rest of the novel just switches back and forth between Laiping and Sylvie. I'm glad that they finally made a little bit of a tie between those two girls, but if you're going to magically bring Fiona into the plot at the end, you should make her a more prominent character in the beginning. She seems completely unrelated and disengaged with the story, and as much as I like Sylvie and Laiping, I do keep wondering, Is the next chapter going to be about Fiona?