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#16thingsithoughtweretrue - Janet Gurtler

I'm so glad to finally have a copy of this in my hands! I might be a bit of a noobish nerd and new at this whole process, but it's really exciting to read the finished copy of a book I saw a much earlier draft of. It's funny, because I know how many drafts and revisions I've been through with my own work and how different it ends up being from what it was initially, but it's something else entirely to see that with a book that is like, you know, legitimate


That being said, I really am enjoying this one. I really wish that I knew why Morgan is so popular on Twitter, though--I mean, 4500+ followers isn't something that's easy to accomplish! They don't really talk about how she got to be so popular online, and that would be nice to know, since the book talks a lot about social media and stuff.


But hey, I'm having fun. (: