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The Inferno - Dante Alighieri, John Ciardi

I'm still thoroughly enjoying it! I feel like not very much time was spent on the first six circles, and then we get deeper and deeper in depth on circles seven, eight, and (I'm assuming) nine. None of the descriptions of Hell have really shocked me or scared me, except for the Wood of the Suicides. Talk about ridiculously haunting imagery. :(


I mean, yes, I'm religious. I'm very religious. But, you know, Hell itself is a sticky subject for me. I believe in a God who is merciful and just and doesn't send everyone who didn't get every little thing right down to eternal damnation, with no chance for reconciliation. So Dante and I share very different views on what Hell would actually be like, since Dante seems to punish everyone--it's like you'd have to be a perfect person in order to reach any sort of salvation, which just isn't possible. We're human. We make mistakes. As much as this is an allegory, it's still a religious teaching in certain aspects, and I don't agree very much with the way Dante saw things. 


On another note, I'm itching to play Devil May Cry.