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A Million Little Snowflakes - Logan Byrne

HAH. Hahahahahaha. Hahahahhhhh...okay.

I was pretty set on giving it one star, possibly two, because it's poorly written, Oliver seems to have issues with women and being overly possessive of them, and the romance and representation of mental diseases were both incredibly overblown and inaccurate.


BuT READER BEWARE THE MEGA SPOILER THAT WILL FOLLOW IN THIS SECTION. Honestly, I don't recommend the book, all things considered, so if you don't think you'll read it, by all means, charge right ahead.


Okay, soooooo.

I was at like, 97%, and I'm like, "Dude, what the heck, Oliver just got out of the unit, and he's about to go see Lacey for their first date. Why is he buying flowers?? I'm at 99%! How in the heck does this end? And there's a cAR,HE GOT HIT BY THE CAR, HE'S DYING, GEEZ, HE'S DYING, OH HE'S DEAD."


I'll just throw it out there, in case it wasn't know, that this is a first person, past tense narration.


I shouldn't be laughing as hard as I am, because the back of the book says that almost everything except one scene was based on real life events, but I mean, it's a fiRST PERSON PAST TENSE NARRATION, YOU CAN'T JUST KILL THE MAIN CHARACTER WHO IN THE HECK ARE THEY RELATING THE STORY TO AND HOW YOU CAN'T DO THIS IN CONTEMPORARY FICTION, YOU JUST CAN'T, I REFUSE TO ACCEPT THIS.


Then again, it was so unexpected that I feel like I need to give it a star just because I reacted to crazily to it.

I just...what.


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