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Strange Sweet Song - Adi Rule

This is kind of cheating, because I didn't even write any posts about this book before I finished it...and I started it before I even moved back home. 


Anyway, the beginning of this book was a nightmare to slog through. I was so bored, and it was only the memory of positive reviews from people I trust that really kept me going. I never did understand why we needed the Felix's point of view (what even is it? a big cat? a star? WHAT?), and the third person present tense bothered the heck out of me. It wasn't until about halfway through, and I finally put together that 

Nathan and Apprentice Daysmoor were the same person

(show spoiler)

that I actually started enjoying the book. That's probably the worst thing about it, actually--ugh, I didn't actually like anything about the book except for Nathan. I can't even explain it. (Which is why it's on the "shipping it" shelf--that's where I put books with relationships that I can't even begin to explain why I love it so much, but part of me knows that I won't ever be able to write something so perfect and very few things can make me feel so strongly.) And I don't even know why, just that that's the way it is.


Ugh. What do I even say in my review about that? "I pretty much disliked everything, but Nathan made me swoon, so THREE STARS!"