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The Maze Runner - James Dashner



Okay, I know I've been really absent. There's been a lot happening in the month since I've returned to school, and focusing on my classwork has been my top priority. Plus, this book has had a hard time keeping my attention, so I didn't start actively reading it again until just a few days ago. I've been really absent on my blog, and I have a bunch of reviews to still write, but I'm trying to keep everything balanced and catch up again. Sorry!


Anyway, onto my feelings about this book. I still think it's pretty juvenile, but I can't say I'm not interested in the world building, and the characters in the Glade. I often think I have as many questions as Thomas does, though I do wish the writing itself drew me in a bit more. Unfortunately, I'm feeling two-star-ish at this point, which sucks because I think I've given eight or nine two star reviews all in a row and I REALLY need to break out of the monotony. Ugh.