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Feed - Matthew Tobin Anderson

This is one of the worst books I've read in a long time.


I hate the language. I hate the characters. I hate the plot. I've found absolutely no redeeming qualities so far. Even Violet, who is supposed to be the sanity of this whole thing, is insufferable and idiotic most of the time. The times she makes sense, you know it's just because the author had to pretend to have a message in here.


This is seriously one of the dumbest books I've read. There's no point. It's word vomit on the page. That's it. Was it even revised? Did anyone read it before publishing? More importantly, what part of my English teacher thought this was a decent book for us to analyze?? 


Ugh, I didn't finish it for class, but I know I have to finish it at some point so I can write a decent review. It's just so sucky; I don't know how I'll force myself through the end when I really don't care about anything.