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Blur - Steven James

Yes! I did it!


After a couple months (I started this on the plane ride back to school in January...), I've finally finished Blur! It wasn't a bad book by any means; I just rarely have time right now to read for pleasure, since I'm reading so many things for school! Being an English major makes it difficult to pleasure read because my eyes and mind are generally too burned out to want to do even more reading on my own at the end of the day... Still, I'm going to try to read more for myself and see where that gets me. (After I finish East of Eden, of course, because that's quite the project...)


Anyway! On to Blur.


It was pretty okay. Between the line of alright and mediocre, actually, but that might because it felt really slow. Daniel was just a little...too perfect. He was always taking care of other people, doing exactly the right thing, being this great hero. He didn't seem to have flaws, and I can't really count having ghostly visions as a flaw. He was magnificent, and I couldn't connect to him because he did everything right. Especially at the end with the cave and the rope and all that junk. Nope.


On the plus side, it wasn't a bad book at all. I really enjoyed the plot and trying to figure things out. Unfortunately, though, some of the stuff that happened was really easy to guess, which made it a little bit of a let down when I ended up being right about stuff that was supposed to shock me. Stacy? I knew that as soon as Kyle said he wanted to meet her. Killers and connections? They didn't throw me off. It was a little disappointing.


And what the heck? Nothing is explained about Daniel's visions/blurs. Nobody talks about them before the end of the novel. I get that it's a series, but there should have been some kind of reference to them before the conclusion! They're the point of the story, the reason I'm reading it in the first place. I wanted some kind of closure, or readiness for the next book, but it just dropped off, like solving the mystery of Emily's murder (which was not ghostly at all) answered everything, when we still don't know why Daniel was having visions or visits from the dead. Ugh!