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The Chocolate Snowman Murders - JoAnna Carl

I'm sorry but really--


"I'm sorry, Mary. I just wanted to say you look very pretty tonight."


I was surprised by Amos' comment. Mary could have been pretty, but she wasn't wearing makeup, her hair was badly cut, and her fluffy dress was much too childish for a woman in her early to middle twenties. I would have loved to turn Mary over to a good stylist for a complete redo. (emphasis mine)


What is this lady's PROBLEM?? It's impossible for this young, shy, and quiet girl to be pretty because she has a bad haircut, doesn't wear makeup, and likes to wear fluffy dresses? Excuse me, but as a girl in her early twenties (twenty itself, to be precise), I know plenty of girls my age who look fantastic without makeup, and who don't need a fancy haircut to be beautiful. Let alone her "fluffy" dress, which is described as looking somewhat like a prom dress. (Did Mary go to prom? Guess what, Lee--IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY MATTER.)


I just get so angry when books try to justify a certain type of beauty, and the main character (who gets angry when people assume she's a conservative because she's from Texas) makes the worst assumptions about people based on their looks. It's so frustrating and disheartening to see this kind of bashing go on in novels.