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Coin Heist - Elisa Ludwig

So, of course you can't have a novel about teenagers who decide to do something highly illegal and let them go through with it--either with successfully completeing their mission (morally wrong--can't really promote that in YA) or actually dealing with the consequences of being caught (going to prison). 


So they had a change of heart! And, instead of realizing what they were going to do was wrong, they changed the plan because teenagers get into fights and get pissed at eachother for stupid reasons!


Now we're here. And they have to go through it anyway ("for the right reasons" and all), which means I'm predicting, they'll either finish the job and destroy the money as planned, or they'll get caught but the guards/police won't charge them with anything because either they didn't want the money now, or something along the lines of "All this money is faulty anyway--pay for the material, and the school is a good enough cause for us to donate to." 


Something like that, right?