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The Choice - Nicholas Sparks

Ugh, I'm so sick of the whole thing. Unlike some of Sparks' novels, these characters are tolerable, but still annoying. There are pages of dialogue through one evening, and Travis and Gabby had spent one full day together before Travis decided to kiss her--after she'd made it incredibly clear that she had a boyfriend she loved dearly and planned on marrying.


I mean, I know we're supposed to be rooting for Travis and Gabby, but I'm so sick of the main couple having to come about by hurting other people in the process. Kevin is a nice guy, and while it's set up so I'm supposed to think he doesn't belong with Gabby, it just sucks that it's going to happen because she met someone else. I hate that. Someone should write a book about what it's like to be the Kevins of the world instead of the Travises or the Gabbies. 


Anyway, I'm irritated that he keeps doing and saying extremely flirtatious things, even though Gabby has made it clear it makes her uncomfortable. Why can't we all just respect each others' boundaries and, geez, Travis, you could at least try to be her friend before you come out and say it's impossible. 


(Also, do these people ever stop drinking?? They drank all day on the boat, then had two more beers at dinner. I know I've never had alcohol in my life, but wouldn't you be getting rather tipsy if you'd been having nothing but beer from 11am onward?)