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The Choice - Nicholas Sparks

Yikes! The whole second half was about their married days--switching back and forth between emotionless flashbacks and the repetitive agony over Gabby's coma. (Does Sparks ever switch off the drama, I wonder? Honestly--it's highly unlikely Gabby would have sat down with Travis and had a serious conversation about "If I'm ever in a coma..." and then get into an actual coma a few months later.) 


So everything about the last hundred pages summarized years' worth of relationship development, of which we got none during the first half. It just reiterated over and over and over again how much Travis loves Gabby, how he can't live without her, how difficult the choice would be to make to let her live or not. Granted, I'm slightly surprised that Sparks let her wake up at the end--usually melodramatic tragedy is his style. 


(Also, let me just say that other people aren't going to be paying that much attention to what kind of relationship you have. The nurse in the office? Travis's sister? Random passerby? They aren't going to take detailed notes about how much you seem to love each other. They're not going to remember things you did for your wife the way you do. You will not, despite how much you might think it's true, be their beacon of true love in a dying world. Your relationship may be that important to each other, but it's probably not that important to everyone else.)


Two stars.