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The Fine Art of Truth or Dare - Melissa Jensen

Okay, now we're going somewhere! But I mean...come on! I wanted more from the the first kiss than a vague description that left me wondering if it'd even happened!


Now that Ella has discovered Edward Willing wasn't exactly who she thought (hoped) he was, I kind of understand her a bit more on this front. Ella figuring out that Edward didn't necessarily stay single the rest of his life after his wife died is, actually, the same sort of deflated reaction I had when realized Edgar Allan Poe's only love was not Virginia, but also Sarah Royster before his death. I get it. Realizing the artists you'd hoped nothing but the light of true love had guided were just as human as everyone else kind of sucks.


HOWEVER, despite how much I do relate to Ella's feelings right now, there's also a reason I've never tried to write a book about being disappointed by Edgar Allan Poe's second love (or, I suppose in his case, a return to his first love, which still stings more than I care to admit). It doesn't add any progress to this particular story, and while I find it interesting, less weight should be given to it. I want to focus on Alex, not Edward Willing, thank you very much.


(Can we also stop using random words and phrases in various French and Italian? I really don't have any idea what's going on sometimes, and I'd prefer not to have to Google translate.)