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Red - Alison Cherry

This is actually pretty good! It's more believable than I thought it would be (less magical realism and more suspending not exactly disbelief, but skepticism), and I actually love the way it's written. The story is engaging and I enjoy the characters, even if they are a little immature sometimes. 


And while it's not exactly something that makes you think about life, it's entertaining and cute, and that's what it's supposed to be. Meanwhile, it does make you wonder how much effort we put into our appearances. It's interesting for me because, while I don't keep it a secret that I dye my hair red, I can't imagine myself ever being a blonde again, either. I wonder how that'll play out for the rest of my life, so I bond with Felicity over her struggle to accept herself as a girl who does not have naturally bright, coppery red hair. And I love that. It's a silly thing to feel a connection over, but it's there, and it's strong. Definitely better than I thought this would be (especially following a wonder like The Fill-In Boyfriend!).