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Fires of Invention - J. Scott Savage

This is one of the books being considered for a prize I'm helping to judge this year. As a result, I was sent a handful of books from the sponser (or who I think is a sponser?), and although many of my judge-companion people have already gotten through several of the books on our list, this is my first one. (I started another, but I guess enough people didn't like it enough that I decided to move on.)


I'm going to be a little more meticulous as I go through this book, even though I haven't been very active recently. I want to remember the things I like and don't like about these novels so I can know exactly how I'd like to vote when the time comes. Although I still have so much to do for school and basically no breaks between now and graduation (a year from now), I'm making these a priority ASAP!


So far, it's good. I like the writing, and although I don't know much about the story yet, I'm looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. Trenton is so far likeable, although the love interest/bully were introduced pretty quickly and seem a little cookie cutter. I have high hopes, though!