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Fires of Invention - J. Scott Savage

Okay, I pushed through the last hundred pages so I could finish today. I only had one more real complaint about this whole book, and that's that Trenton is so quick to believe he's been found out. There were probably at least four or five times that someone alluded to perhaps knowing what he was up to, and he practically breaks down and tells them everything. For instance, his parents are like, "You've been sneaking around with a girl." OMG, they know about Kallista! "*smiling broadly* Let's have her over for dinner!" OMG, they're going to grill Kallista about our secret plans! "Don't you have a girlfriend?" Oh... they don't know anything.


Same thing happens with Angus a few times. "I KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING." HOW??!!!! "DON'T THINK YOU'LL GET HER TO LIKE YOU." Why would I be trying to get Kallista to like me?? Maybe I should ask him that out loud. "WTF, who's Kallista, I'm talking about Simoni, wait, who IS Kallista, should I be concerned about this?" SHOOT I MISUNDERSTOOD EVERYTHING, REWIND, REWIND.


Anyway. Sometimes it was frustrating to watch Trenton almost give himself away so many times because he constantly jumped to conclusions. If I were him and doing a bunch of illegal crap, I would probably respond to accusations like these with something like, "What did you find out?" instead of "HOW IN THE WORLD DID YOU FIGURE OUT MY SECRET PLANS?!?!?" You know. It's better sneaking.


All in all, pretty solid and enjoyable, all things considered. It sets up the series pretty nicely (although the ending seemed a little too nicely packaged).